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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Together We can....

The enemies are all around us and we are vary scared of them. Just because we don't know what their intentions are. They may be here to kill us altogether or disturb our living. Anyway, an enemy is an enemy and he knows only one thing and that is to harm. We must protect ourselves from them as much as possible. Their intentions could be anything. I am not trying to infect the society with any kind of horror or any alien quotation but I am expressing the truth that we all must know. The enemy craft exists in every sphere of our life and it lives in every cornor of the world. We feed it, directly or indirectly.The best part is that "Enemy has no shape or size". It means we can't recognize it. This enemy could be within you, around you or behind you. He may be talking to you or he may be looking at you. He may be shadow or a structure but he is an enemy who is continuously destroying our lovely world by its ill behaviour and bad thoughts. Think about the corruption which has made our society a boring and unhealthy place. No one likes it but still many of us feed this evil enemy just because corruption knows its way of survival and it uses its tactics in an intelligent manner. The killers, who are used to kill human souls, are living around us or with us to kill us but still we feed them and it is again because they have used the tactic for their survival. In the same way all the evil enemies live with us with our full support. Now, the question is "what is the tactic that they use?"... Nothing more than braking our chain and mutual relationship. He divides us and then rules. The evil disturbs our living by making us individual intellectuals and not collective groups. The enemy is well aware that he can't win over us if we will be together. That is why, his first job is to break us into individual peaces.
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