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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Killing on will...

Since last 2 decades Kashmir is suffering and there are houndred reasons of the turmoil. The people are not able to live a happy life that they deserve being the citizens of a Paradise. The History is witness that the people have suffered a lot just because of poor governance and negligence. Concrete steps were needed lot of times but that doesn't happen, Instead we faced trouble over trouble. I remember the times when we were asked to come out of our homes and stay in the cold for a whole day and the army was carrying the ruthless search operations. India clames that Kashmir is its crown then why this misbehave with the crown. I don't think they have an answer to this question. Being a Muslim majority state we are everyday underscored with antimuslim bills being passed in the legeslative assembelies. Now the time has come to control the sitiuation and handle it with care. The state Government needs to look into the sitituation as soon as possible otherwise we will have a 2008 like sitiuation. The "bullet for stone" is an evil attempt to stop the freedom moment. Police must understand that we are ready to face any challange that they are going to set for us. An option is to go for a set dailogue and that will bring peace in the State.

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