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Tuesday, May 1, 2012 commercials and Advertising Industry

Ogilvy and Mather (O&M), the top rated advertising agency of the country had a tough task in hand in year 2007 to announce the entry of its client firm ‘Vodafone’, which had recently entered in the Indian market with the “Hutch is now Vodafone” campaign. The advertising firm took the task with all edges and came up with the most successful and most entertaining TV commercial of the year 2007; remember the Zoo Zoo’s for the Vodafone – the eggshell like character telling a new Value Added Service (VAS) story each time. The TV commercial was at the top of the list of ‘top 10 advertisements’ of the year 2007 and was the talk of the town during the second season of IPL (Indian Premier League).

The main reason behind the success of this TV commercial was the special creativity put into this low cost commercial. Though the advertisement was of low cost budget yet it was successful in delivering the message in clear and exact form. Unlike its competitors, there were no valuable brand ambassadors but still the commercial was highly successful in grabbing the attention of huge base of audience.

Every TV commercial that we watch, whether it is Cadbury GEMS funny commercial with ‘no umar for lalluch’ tagline or Coca-Cola’s emotional ‘Open happiness’ campaign; is a result of complete creativity. Though some of the commercials have come under a severe criticism from many spheres for many reasons; like the AXE deodorant’s commercial has been under clouds of criticism in India for its obscene & poor content or Vodafone’s  commercial in which it has shown a dubious chemistry between two teenagers has been highly criticized on the name of teenage UA content. And some TV commercials fail in communicating the message to the targeted customers. You can recall the AXE deodorant TV commercial that was shown frequently during this year’s addition of Cricket ASIA cup. In addition to being an obscene advertisement, the commercial has completely failed promoting its main message or generating any good response. Poland based advertising agency, Ammirati Puris Lintas Warzana, who was behind this campaign has failed to understand the social cultural values of India. But even after all this, almost all the TV commercials are a picture of creativity planned with a pinch of entertainment, fun, or emotions.

Few years back, the TV commercials were nothing more than a smartly crafted interruption to our favorite movie, reality show, or to a live game or cricket or football. But the truth is a different story altogether. Advertising is one of the key activities for potential business and is equally important as producing something using raw materials, or as capital, human resources, etc. Publicizing that the business offers to the targeted customer is called advertising, which forms the integral part of marketing, and an essential pre-condition for selling.

The advertising companies in India use multifaceted talents and ideas to carryout successful campaigns for their potential clients. With the advent of radio, TV, print, outdoor, and more recently the web, the advertising industry has been able to gain much potential and growth. By an outlook analysis in the year 2010, advertising industry was valued at a rich value of es `
– 13, 200 crore, and is expected to grow by 23% this year from the corresponding figures of the last year.

Come what may, the advertising industry is certainly revolving around a mature and creative sphere. The Industry in TV media is coming up with new creative commercials during every sort of event like IPL 5, reality shows, screening of blockbuster movies, etc, to tap a huge base of targeted customers. The Indian industry is also making enormous use of social, print, or outdoor media to generate responses using viral or surrogate forms of marketing. Advertising agencies spend a whooping `-2,000 crore every year to carry different creative, innovative, and sometimes confusing advertisements.

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